Shippings Terms : Gluttony

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The company Ghiottornia will personally adequate packaging according to the type of products of your choice, using special polystyrene packaging for wine, brandy, oil, or where we deem necessary.

Ghiottornia  ships over Europe through UPS carrier and ships for esample at a cost equal to 32,00 Euro up to 30 kg  of assorted products, keeping in mind that the weight of a bottle of wine is about 1.4 kg, 0.250 kg for a small jar (100 ml), an average 0.400 kg (200ml) and large 0.500 kg. (320ml).

All other products follow the weight written in the description without packaging.


For large quantities, explanations and advice, please contact the administrator at the following E-mail address: 


The price of shipping and products are inclusive of VAT and appropriate packaging.

If the weight exceeds 30 kg we may inform you before the order confirmation for any additional shipment cost.



Average Delivery Time: 10 working days, in addition to acceptance. If paying by bank wire transfer will ship after notification of funds in our c/c.

We will still do our best to ship as quickly as possible, which means that the goods may also be delivered before 10 business days.

Stock remainder: UPS makes 2 delivery attempts, where we received the wrong address or owner absent,UPS charges € 15.00 for opening practice and costs of storage, which must be paid by the customer before making another attempt of delivery.

We recommend to send us a secure delivery address and a phone number so that the carrier can contact you easily.



All of Europe up to 30 kg: 32,00 Euro


 U.S.A, Canada, Japan, Australia:98,00 Euro up to 8 kg (six bottles of wine or other products of the same total weight)and 145.00 Euro up to 16 kg (12 bottles of wine or mixed products)




- All prices are in Euro, including VATand Customs to the States.