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About us

Pitigliano, a magic place into the heart of Maremma, whose sight can surprise and make anyone falling in love with it! 
Here, the rich tuff land makes its products different in quality from the others. First of all wine, from whom takes birth one of the most D.O.C. given in Italy, that is Bianco di Pitigliano, an intense wine, which has inside the strenghtness, and the rural culture of this place. 
Twelve years ago, we had the idea to go further than a small food shop, and we decided to try selling the most natural and selected products from our area. So, we were searching for a name that could express the gluttonies and delicacies of this land. So, we found the name: "Ghiottornia", thanks to my mother, otherwise we had to hear her discussing. 
But, as to quality wine trend, it is very young, and, when we made our opening, there were not many small wine shops, as there are at the moment, but only an excellent co-operative wine shop, and the love for making wine by our own. 
We touched changing, development, and the will to improve us. 
At the beginning, anyone could not believe us to sell so precious wine bottle, as for example, the very well-known Sassicaia, Tignanello, Brunello di montalcino, and Chianti. But, our was a passion, not constancy. We saw the birth, and development of farms, that following the wake of great names, wanted to be known for their quality. So, day by day, our small shop began to increase the choice of bottles, labels, and of new D.O.C., as our youngest of red wines from Sovana. Now, we have more than 500 labels. 
Wine, but not only. We thought that to get more pleasure from it, we had to match it with good food. So, we started producing by ourselves the several sauces and jams, to be sure of the quality of the products used by us.  We had to work a lot, but, when we saw that our customers were sending us many other customers, who took supplies of them, it gave, and still give us much satisfaction. 
Who come in Pitigliano, and loves good things to eat, can not miss Giovannino's delicatessen (Giovannino is my grandfather's name). Now, he is well-known for its handmade production of wild boar sausages, schiacciate, lard, dry meat, and also cheeses to be matched with our sauces and wines. 
In our family, we do not miss anything to share with the others our passion for natural taste. 
Are you asking why we chose internet? 
We reflected a lot on our choice. We like giving advices to our customers, and allow them to buy our product online from their home when they cannot come to visit us in Pitigliano. Our products are homemade, we produce them in small quantity to guarantee their high quality. Consequently, our care is to update, each evening, our web-site, to guarantee you only fresh products. You have only to be patient, if it takes us some extra days! Near each item, you will find some advices, and little forethoughts, that we have discovered through years and tasting them. But, if you have any doubts, you can contact us whenever you want! 
I forgot!... we have not yet introduced ourselves. Lida, my mother, who invented the name "Ghiottornia", is keen on hear it anytime, even though, now, she takes up working on fields! Instead, my father, the well-known butcher Giovannino's son, makes handmade salami, wild boar dry meat and other lovely local meat delicatessen. Giuseppe, my husband, take care of your orders and send your packs. Finally, me, Anna, I'm the mind and the official taster. I will work for you, to give you advices...especially, for lunch and dinner! 
All this long introduction to remind you that, for us, internet is a complementary mean, but we would be very glad if you will come to visit our shop personally. We met our great friends in this way. For this reason, we have now inserted some pictures from our country, and our shop. If you are already our customers... best regards from Ghiottornia... the strongest that there is! 

See You soon! 

AnnaPolidori and Ciorba Giuseppe




Giovannino's delicatessen......

But it is not finished yet! Before, our family was born as a butcher's and norcini's family, then Giovannino's delicatessen, which took its name from my grandfather, and, now, that of my father, has become well-known for its wild boar meat production. 
So, on our catalogue, you can find fillet, dry meat, cheese, all of these guaranteed by many years of experience. Now, you will see some Giovannino's delicatessen
pictures. If you come to see us, please do not take into consideration his surly face... since it is only an impression!

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