: Gluttony


Price: 3,50 €

Typical pasta , rough, bronze drawn in the shape of a giant spaghetti, garlic recipe typical of Pitigliano, a rich tomato sauce with garlic pepper and bay leaves are also excellent but better still if served with boar ragout.

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Tagliatelle with Squid Ink

Price: 3,90 €

Squid ink pasta (tagliatelle or linguine): A touch of class to your table with a dish of unusual color. Excellent with tomato sauce and tuna

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Penne with Chilli

Price: 3,70 €

Pasta with red pepper (penne or linguine): For those who love the arrabbiata, spicy enough to add some tomato sauce or just olive oil and Parmesan cheese to taste

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Spelt Noodles

Price: 3,60 €

Spelt Pasta (noodles): never forgotten ancient flavors, organic, 100% barley

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Noodles Truffle

Price: 4,50 €

Truffle pasta (noodles): For lovers of the nose just a little butter and parmesan cheese, or topped with one of our specialty truffles.

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